Taught by a woman, created by a woman and her community…

At State of Mind Dojo, we serve self identified females from all walks of life. We respect the fact that you may feel more at ease in an environment created for women only, addressing the unique needs you may have at this time in your life. This format is not intended to pin responsibility for violence on any specific gender, but to hold space for confidentiality and personal safety in the face of conflict, for all who require it in the moment. It is our observation that most men feel at ease with existing clubs and services, so we have created a space that may better serve a need in the community. We promote love and acceptance, taking responsibility for our person, and healthy relating with ourselves and others. We sincerely hope that our clients will one day join other like-minded practitioners of all gender, and feel at peace wherever they may be.

I have learned and been challenged from amazing people in my life and am deeply thankful for their willingness to teach me, but it hasn’t always been easy. I have previously struggled with feeling unsafe on this planet due to experiences of family and domestic violence. I highly benefit from introspection in private and with other women. I have mostly related to my life experience as being in a jungle with ferocious animals, and unable to relax long enough to see the beauty of the whole picture, let alone feel safe and loved. In the past, I have perceived Martial Arts as a violent and destructive expression of the masculine essence, while at the same time I resented my female essence, perceiving it as being powerless and refusing to participate in sisterhood events and gathering. Having a son provided an opportunity for me to question my thoughts about life, relating to others, and brought me back to balance and calmness.

In order to be happy, I have had to explore ways in which to make peace with myself, the world and everyone in it, including human beings who are comfortable and willing to express themselves in combat as a choice I had to accept that it is also part of my own nature! I deeply understand the need to address certain issues in private or in a safe group setting. I have also experienced the power of transformation in a co-creative women only space and the healing possible in a healthy environment. It is my hope that other women can benefit from this experience and find a mindful and open community where they can learn to navigate this planet with confidence.



It is in that context that we are offering a space and programs that nurture you, allows to breathe deeply into your Self, releasing fear and embracing all that presents itself before you to be looked at. We hope you can be grounded into a more balanced you, and re-enter your life experience with more resilience, flexibility, confidence, peace and understanding towards yourself and all beings.

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