SELF PROTECTION 101 is a self defense COURSE where you will learn how to defend yourself simply, effectively and naturally. You will receive private instruction in basic practical applications for dealing with conflict and violence.

Train in a SAFE and private setting, with a compassionate, qualified an experienced instructor. We will cover some basic principles and concepts in martial arts, as well as providing an opportunity to discuss possible self defense scenarios and solutions, including mindset.

Learn in a familiar setting such as your workplace, favorite beach, park or at home.

Private instruction is a beautiful way to learn quickly and easily, and to start feeling more confident for whatever life has to offer. It is ideal for busy professionals, parents who have little time to themselves, individuals with SPECIAL NEEDS and people who wish to learn with a specific goal in mind as opposed to following a pre-determined curriculum, which may or may not serve their personal needs in the long run. We provide personal attention, designing a program for your individual needs in self protection, and continue to offer support and guidance for as long as you may need it, by simply opening our doors to you and your family.

You will receive a FREE consultation where we  discuss your goals and concerns, co-design the program to make it a good fit for you.

This is a trauma sensitive program.

The course is led by a female martial artist, security professional educator and certified counselor with many years of experience with violence and conflict management. We pride ourselves in having many resources that are solid and versatile, and a large network of professionals in the self defence and martial arts industry, and the healing arts industry.

This course is open to everyone.

If you have any questions, concerns or to book a free consultation, please call:

J Boyd