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                                MOBILE PRIVATE AND GROUP INSTRUCTION

  ▸ Participate in SELF DEFENCE programs privately, in pair or in group settings, in our dojo, your home or school/place of employment, even outdoors! You can feel at peace anywhere!

 ▸ We are qualified, trauma informed, open minded and happy to teach people with multiple barriers.


                                                         FAMILY SAFETY 

We offer programs for the whole family.

At State of Mind Dojo, we offer beginner to advance services to all HUMAN BEINGS in the community. We aim to bring you practical information and quality resources. We encourage people to take personal responsibility for themselves, their family and their community. State of Mind Dojo is connected to a community of martial artists and other professionals who are eager to help you on your path to FREEDOM and peace of mind.




We offer specific support with the intention to create a plan for your personal journey. Whether you need to regain a calm outlook on life due to stress and difficult relationships, or raising your confidence to begin training and achieve fitness and wellbeing goals, feeling safe at home, at school or at work, we will help you.

We offer trauma counselling after an assault or ongoing violation of your person or someone you care about. You will receive practical guidance and emotional support during challenging situations such as dealing with misuse of power at home, in your community at school or at work, anger management, family and relationship disputes, stress, parenting difficulties, dealing with sexual and emotional abuse, court appearances and other life experiences where you may require a clear mind or another person to rely on.

Our certified staff will hold space with unconditional regard and confidentiality, and provide you with practical coping skills for effective conflict management.

                                                     FEMALE LEADERSHIP
                                                     WOMEN ONLY SAFETY
                                                           SELF DEFENSE   


 We acknowledge that you might feel more comfortable learning in a female only environment.

TRUST is the key!



                                                      TACTICAL TRAINING 


 Refine your physical and CONFLICT MANAGEMENT skills as LEO and security professional with our experienced instructors. Be confident and deal with conflict effectively and as safely as possible, and learn new cool stuff!

Get personalized attention

We encourage personal responsibility and team work

Minimize injury and maximize cooperation at work.

Train on location or at our dojo,

in group or privately!

                                                          ☯ RESOURCES ☯

We provide a directory of Community Resources and thrive to help build a healthy community.

 We share book titles, audio visual resources and other educational materials  to help with your studies.


We work in collaboration with other qualified professionals in the Community who can possibly serve you on your journey may you require so, either before, during or after participating in a program with State of Mind. We hope to serve you in building trust and boost your confidence in reaching out to others, by discussing your special needs and pointing you in the right direction.

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