dragon_and_phoenix1 JASON ROWAN KANZAN BOYD is the head instructor at SOMdojo, and the co-creator of KANZANDO. His knowledge and passion for Martial Arts and Self Protection Education is highly contagious and quite impressive. Jason sensei is a very patient, qualified and professional educator with years of relevant experience with violence and conflict management. Born in Belfast Ireland, Jason was dealing with conflict from a young age. After moving to Canada, he started working as a SECURITY PROFESSIONAL, slowly making his way to the West Coast where he created roots and found his teacher Master Ralph Chinnick and began training Kenpo and Japanese Jiu. He also became very interested in the grappling arts and kickboxing. Jason’s belt collection is impressive, but it’s his kind heart and the quality of his instruction that shines beyond all the bling.

A highly humble and committed martial artist, Jason sensei is also a big fan of Rory Miller and his Conflict Management Training Programs. You will not find a more COMPASSIONATE instructor in this universe … (Okay, I’m biased)

Jason is a specialist in detail oriented instruction in a private setting. His knowledge is endless, and he readily and openly shares it with all human beings who are willing to learn. His patience is un-measurable, his calm presence allows for everyone to feel comfortable in his company, adding Irish spunk and humour to the pile, time with this man is time well spent! He knows how to create a SAFE and effective learning environment to BE in.




dragon_and_phoenix1    J KAIKAN BOYD is first and foremost a HUMAN BEING. She is the dojo mother, an entrepreneur, a committed yogini, Certified Counselor, Security Professional, Self Defense Instructor, Kenpo black belt and senior Martial Arts student under Boyd sensei, and co-creator of KANZANDO.

J Kaikan sensei is a highly spirited and passionate student of LIFE. After many years of being in survival mode and walking the earth like an orphan, trauma and illness led her to further her studies in health and well-being, finding many community resources and providing an outstanding skills set. J Kaikan also found her way to the Zenwest Buddhist Society where she met her teacher and took the Bodhisattva vows in the Rinsai ZEN tradition in a traditional marriage ceremony. However, it is not until she started a YOGA practice that she finally found joy, clarity and BALANCE. She is a huge fan of master teachers like Mooji and Byron Katie.

 INTEGRITY, Healthy Community, Mindfulness, Clear Communication, Responsibility and Compassion are a few of the values that matters most to this woman. Also called PHOENIX from her bouncing career, J Kaikan sensei is committed to offer you the most effective tools to face life in all its colours, and to be resilient. Being born in QUEBEC, J Kaikan offers bilingual services and is very open to all HUMAN BEINGS willing to learn and be accountable as leaders. Her own experience with Conflict Management is quite extensive, and now that she has found PEACE, she is ready to share her experience with YOU.


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