dragon_and_phoenix1    J KAIKAN HART is first and foremost a HUMAN BEING.

J Kaikan Hart is first and foremost a HUMAN BEING, a monk, a committed yogini, Certified Counselor, Security Professional, Self Defense Instructor under the supervision of Rory Miller, a Kenpo black belt, kickboxer and senior Martial Arts student under Boyd sensei, and creator of KANZANDO ©.

She is also a MOTHER and so much more…

After many years of being in survival mode and walking the earth like an orphan in need of LOVE and connection, trauma and illness led her to further her studies in health and well-being, finding many community resources and providing an outstanding skills set in order to face the biggest challenge to face… LIFE

Now given the dharma name KAIKAN meaning PATIENT OCEAN found her way through ZEN BUDDHISM, where she met her teacher and took the Bodhisattva vows in the Rinsai zen tradition. But the journey was just beginning!



HART SENSEI is a highly spirited and passionate teacher. She is well known for her high energy, impeccable standards, integrity, her sense of humor, loyalty, persistence, patience and effectiveness as an educator, but mostly for her inquisitive mind/heart. She has studied and worked extensively with individuals of all walks of life, in various environments and with organizations such as Bridges for women, halfway houses, schools, prisons, licensed establishments, reputable security companies, and learned reliable skills which have given her the experience needed to prepare her for the reality of living on this planet.

She began practicing YOGA, where she found her home after many years of reflection on LIFE and violence. It is there on the mat, one breath at a time, that she found wholeness and now practices and educates.





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