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 MARTIAL ARTS practice brings strength, balance and general health by promoting movement and inner peace, while providing us with more CHOICES in our lives. Martial Arts easily complements other practices in self awareness, such as meditation and yoga, while providing practical skills for self protection, which may contribute to a more relaxed demeanor. It serves as an excellent channel for relieving stress, expressing creativity and managing manifestation of stress often experienced by so many of us today. It is an excellent practice for each family member to gain skills and become a peaceful, resourceful and successful human being. We encourage our students to learn in their natural environment, therefore directly interacting and relating with reality.

Our Vision 

STATE OF MIND was created after noticing the need to provide better reality based self defense and personal protection services. We provide a flexible, safe and private environment for people to learn. Now you can take charge of your personal safety, and even choose to deepen your practice. Regular training promotes a healthy lifestyle targeting the physical, mental and spiritual body.

We wish to provide the Greater Victoria residents who seem to be expressing concerns due to the increase of violent crimes in Victoria, with quality education and trauma informed education. We hope to be preventative, since it is with regret that we have observed people gain interest in Self Defense after such incidents occur. It is our belief that while we may not be able to necessarily eliminate all danger, we can possibly do what is necessary to educate ourselves in the way to nurture a safer community and preventing what we may have control over, by assuming personal responsibility for our bodies, our family and to care for others as bystanders.

We also understand that while we hope to help you prevent such experiences from happening, it is a daily occurrence in many people’s life, and we are happy to provide coaching and support in order to rise above the challenges of trauma caused by violence, and be on the way to a more peaceful life.


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